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  • The Marblehead Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce our redesigned and more inclusive gift check program, called Marblehead Money. This program is open to ALL Chamber members with no annual fee.

    About Marblehead Money

    Similar to American express Gift Checks, Marblehead Money are real checks. They have a routing number and bank account number with sufficient funds to cover the value. There are no redemption fees for the redeeming business. There will be no rack card associated with the program. Visit www.marbleheadchamber.org for member listings by name and category to determine where you want to spend your Marblehead Money.

    Traditionally, Marblehead Gift Checks have been used for retail, restaurants, and limited services. We want you to know that you can use them to pay your oil bill, put it in your mother’s nursing home account, supplement your auto insurance premium with them, go food shopping with them, pay your accountant with them, and of course, buy gifts and dine with them., etc.

    The Marblehead Chamber of Commerce is proud to work with more than 200 member businesses across 80 industries, and most are eligible to accept “Marblehead Money.” Marblehead Money Checks are issued in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and blank checks are available as well to be filled out in our office with requested denominations.


    Here is what Marblehead Money looks like….

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    Our previous program gift checks look like…

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  • *Please note that all outstanding Gift Checks to date will still be honored, pending bank approval for checks older than 180 days, and the Chamber does have the ability to re-issue any Checks that have expired via physical exchange in our office.


    Call 781-631-2868 for additional information.

    Marblehead Money is available for purchase at:

    Marblehead Chamber of Commerce
    62 Pleasant Street

    Arnould Gallery and Framery
    111 Washington Street

    Marblehead Bank
    21 Atlantic Avenue

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