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    6 Relaxing Self-Care Ideas for Busy Business Owners

    You wear many hats as an entrepreneur, and when you’re juggling countless responsibilities, you might have trouble giving yourself permission to relax. But pushing yourself to work through your exhaustion can lead to burnout. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking time to relax can help you stay productive in the long run! Whether you want to book a skincare treatment, cut down on the time you spend managing your inbox, or finally plan a vacation, these tips can help.


    Implement Time-Saving Techniques


    When you’re running a business, implementing simple strategies to save time can help you free up windows for relaxation. If you have the funds, you could hire a virtual assistant to take over certain tasks, or you could try using a chat bot to handle basic customer service questions. You can batch similar tasks to improve your concentration and avoid multitasking.


    You can also cut down the amount of time you spend on communications. For example, make sure to send documents formatted as PDFs. This will help you avoid formatting issues and miscommunications with your clients and employees. A PDF merging tool (like this one - check it out) is also a good software solution. By combining related PDFs into one file, you can cut down on the number of attachments you need to send.


    Meal Prep on the Weekend


    Do you find yourself turning to frozen foods or ordering meals from your favorite restaurants during busy work weeks? Try meal prepping instead! Stylist recommends creating a weekly menu and getting your groceries delivered if your schedule is packed. Once you’re done cooking, you can portion out your leftovers in storage containers and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to heat them up and enjoy your home cooking! Stock up on nutritious snacks for your workday, too.


    Move Your Body


    If you’re sitting at your desk for hours every day, you might feel achy and stiff by the time you’re done working. Taking a break to squeeze in a quick home workout can work wonders for your joints - and your energy levels! If you want to start working out at home, try following along with guided workouts created by professional instructors. You can look for workouts specifically designed for beginners!


    Find Ways to Fully Unwind


    Maybe you have a tendency to check your email even when you’re not working. If you’ve fallen into this habit, block off a little time in your schedule each day to fully unplug and unwind. Turn off your notifications, and relax with yoga, meditation, or journaling.


    Book a Real Vacation


    Think about the last time you had a few days off. Did you take a real vacation, or did you spend your “downtime” at your laptop? If you tend to work during your days off, it’s time to plan a genuine vacation. Just alert your clients about your upcoming vacation so you can wrap up key projects before you leave.


    Spend Time Outdoors


    Do you ever feel like you spend most of your days cooped up inside, and you crave fresh air and sunshine? Make it a point to go for a daily walk outside. Not only will this habit help you stay in shape, you might also notice your stress levels dropping. Leave your phone at home so that you’re not tempted to answer emails or calls from clients while you’re out walking.


    You might feel guilty about taking time off as an entrepreneur. But if you’ve been working hard to build your business, you’ve earned every minute of downtime! By trying some of these self-care ideas, you’ll be able to save time when sending emails, focus on fitness, and enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors.

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