Art Walk 2010


 Art Walk 2009

 Bus Stop
     Art Walk Shoppers
 Deidre Mannix at Comina
 Jessie Morgan at French & Italian
     Hestia Creations
 Madam Had'em
 Pawsitively Marblehead displays work by Annette Nicolas
     "Healing Arts" Dr. Paul Milone of Marblehead Chiropractic
 Linda Lea Bertrand at the Art Bouquet
 Boston Ballet School
     Boston Ballet School presents "The Sleeping Beauty" Ballet Story Boston Ballet School
 "Healing Arts" Fiona Barrett and United Martial Arts Center
     "Healing Arts" Christine Lucas of Complete Mind and Body
 Marblehead School of Music
 Chamber Health & Wellness members
     "Healing Arts" tents
 "Healing Arts" Dr. Jamie Engel of Full Potential Chiropractic
Elaine Daly at Moran Studios
     Marblehead Used Books hosts Cathy Stacy
 Yankee Doodler hosts Adriani "GiGi" Mederos
 Hand in Hand Massage, Marblehead Chiropractic, and Fiona Barrett, Inc.
    Monique Illona of Hand in Hand Massage  Ann Wettlaufer of Footprints Reflexology
 DS Designs host Claudia Kaufman
     Something Suitable opening on Atlantic Ave.
 "Healing Arts" Tents
 Dana Appel Young of A New Day and Geri Costanza of Geri Costanza Massage
     Art Bouquet
 "Healing Arts" tents

Art Walk 2008




 Traeger di Pietro - 51b on display at Jambu Jewelry

 Khouri Rugs - Art Walk 2008

 The Hot Flash Barbie Club: a 50th Birthday Celebration by krena on display at SCRIBE



 DS Designs - Art Walk 2008


 Nancy Ferguson



 Christopher Gurshin

 Marblehead Arts Association- Art Walk 2008

 The Sea Gull - Art Walk 2008



 French & Italian- Art Walk 2008

 Arnould Gallery - Art Walk 2008

 Bus Stop - Art Walk 2008



 Shipshape - Art Walk 2008

 Dick Buckley

  Nancy Ferguson



 Hestia Creations